• Discovering your Inner Strengths to Align
    with Your True Inner Nature Spirit

    Know thy self, through thy face.

    Did you know that large, wide-held eyes tell you a person is open and loves communicating and sharing? And deep-set, narrowed eyes indicate a more reserved person who’s likely to take their time revealing personal details about themselves? Prominent ears indicate strong intuitive abilities and an independent spirit and people respond positively to faces with joy lines, which form when we smile authentically.

    “Learn the sweet magic of a cheerful face.”
    – Oliver Wendall Holmes –

    Your features tell you about your character as well as your health and wholeness. Your birthday, date and month reveals your personality, your emotional side, and your life’s calling. Come find out more as we explore the characteristics of the five elements in Chinese medicine and how to manage and enhance your life with clarity and purposefulness.

    Learn the secret to your inner and outer beauty, health and vitality by discovering your hidden symmetry, a four thousand-year-old science, and art of how to live in harmony with nature and the nature of your own being. Understanding these elements helps us stay in balance physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

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    5 Element Face Reading consultations through Zoom available

    You Can:

    -Develop more self-compassion.
    -Manifest your true calling based on what your facial features tell you.
    -Overcome barriers to growth and change.
    -Understand your loved ones, co-workers, and clients better
    -Develop your intuitive abilities.

    Face Reading

    Face Reading is a way to Access Your Inner Treasures and Align with Your Inner Nature and Spirit

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    About Me

    Deborah Lee has a vision, to help people find their true beauty – within and without. With over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, she knows and understands the value of beauty. She began her career in traditional cosmetology, where she found great joy in working with her clients on a very personal level. Her strongest skill is her innate ability to see each client’s own unique beauty; she feels honored to facilitate the transformational experience of every person she touches.