• About Face Reading

    About Face Reading

    When you join Deborah Lee for The Zen of Face Reading you can:

    • Develop more self-compassion.
    • Manifest your true calling, based on what your facial features tell you.
    • Overcome barriers to growth and change.
    • Understand your loved ones, co-workers and clients better
    • Develop your intuitive abilities.

    Don’t miss this chance to learn more!

    5 Element Face Reading consultations through Zoom available

    Your Hidden Symmetry Formula revealed through your birthdate.

    • Your Birthdate- Knowing this information about yourself can help you make better and informed decisions when faced with life events or crossroads.
    • Access Your Own Personality
    • Learn your Gifts and inborn Talents Strengths- Gain a deeper and more profound understanding of your personal strengths and in-born talents.
    • Improve Relationships- Cultivate positive and meaningful relationships with the people in your life including your spouse, parent, friends, relatives, children, and colleagues.
    • Manage your yearly cycles- The 9 star ki system helps to with critical life decisions. It can help you plan your year, harness new opportunities and manage obstacles that may arise.

    To learn more about face reading, feel free to watch these provided videos: