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    Deborah Lee has a vision, to help people find their true beauty – within and without. With over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, she knows and understands the value of beauty. She began her career in cosmetology, where she found great joy in working with her clients on a very personal level. Her strongest skill is her innate ability to see each client’s own unique beauty; she feels honored to facilitate the transformational experience of every person she touches.

    Today, Deborah demonstrates her commitment to her clients through the knowledge that self-healing is not only possible but preferable. On a journey for holistic health, healing, and energetic beauty all her life, she now desires to share the amazing possibilities with all who seek a powerful personal transformation. Deborah combines her experience in the Asian healing arts with acupressure bodywork and clinical energetic aromatherapy along with tuning fork therapy. Her accredited coaching certification, and her Master of Face Reading certification from the Lotus Institute studying with Lillian Bridges. Finally her associate’s degree in holistic health from the highly accredited Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Deborah utilizes the ancient wisdom of the East to achieve long-lasting beauty, health and wellness for the body, mind, and spirit.